Warnings against water borne infection in the hot Oslofjord

Oslo.Sørenga sea swimming pool.Photo: Paul Kleiven / NTB scanpix

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health warns against bacterial spreading in the Oslo Fjord due to the high temperatures in the areas of water where people go to bathe and swim.


High water temperature provides better growth opportunities for so-called vibriobacteria. These forms of bacteria can cause serious infections in people who bath in the coastal areas where the water temperatures are warmer than normal.

“Such infections are fortunately very rare, but there is reason to advise on how to prevent infection,” says Director Line Vold at the department of public health in the Department of Food, Water and Animal Infection.

In mid-July moderate to high risk of presence of these bacteria in the Oslofjord was measured.

People with immunodeficiency, liver disease and open wounds – including new tattoos – and should take precautions.

– “If bathing with open cuts or wounds on the skin, they should be covered with solid, waterproof plastic bandages or bandaids. If it is not possible to cover wounds, bathing should be avoided,” says Violence.

If you get a cut or sore while swimming, you should exit the water and clean the wound with clean water. In case of a disease of bathing in saltwater with a high water temperature, consult a doctor, encourages the Public Health Institute.


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