A report shows that immigrants “stole” jobs

immigrantImmigrant women.Photo: Norway Today Media

A Report states that immigrants took jobs of poor Norwegians

After surveying 1.1 million people born in Norway, researchers have no doubt that immigrants have taken jobs from Norwegians in the lower social strata.

“Our findings show that the answer to this question is a clear yes, ” said the researchers at the Frisch Center in the report “Immigration and social mobility” mentioned by Aftenposten newspaper.

According to the report, commissioned by Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Anniken Hauglie of Høyre (H), the historic high immigration to Norway has weakened the job opportunities for Norwegian-born citizens who grew up in poor families, compared to those from more affluent families.

From 1992 to 2016, the proportion of immigrants in the adult population in Norway increased from 5 to 18%, and the survey shows that those who came to work began in occupations that were previously dominated by Norwegian-born among the economically lower social strata.

Increased differences

For Norwegians born in the 20% poorest homes, employment fell by more than 3.2% in the age group 33 to 36 years, compared to the middle class.

The researchers concluded that immigration to Norway from low-income countries increased the differences between Norwegians with different social backgrounds, both in income and employment.

“We see that immigration explains why Norwegians who have grown up in poor families have fallen behind in income in relation to other groups” said Knut Røed at the Frisch Center.

75% can be explained by immigration

The data also showed that the differences in income ranking between Norwegian-born from the poorest homes and the middle class has
increased in the last 20 years, and is now over 30%.

‘’Our analysis suggests that about 75% of this fall can be explained by immigration,’’ said researcher Røed to Aftenposten newspaper.

Anniken Hauglie, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, said in a comment via e-mail to NTB news agency, that although trade and open borders have been important for Norway, we have also seen what can happen if parts of a population fall behind on wages.

“We will protect our jobs. Not by closing the borders, but by qualifying and educating our young people for jobs that are needed, raising the status of the vocational subjects and severely reducing working life crime and poor working conditions, ” she said.

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5 Comments on "A report shows that immigrants “stole” jobs"

  1. Joakim Haugen | 18. January 2019 at 10:17 |

    Not sure why all MSM in Norway keeps reffering to it as «stole» or any other negative wording for that matter.
    The immigrants did come here to work and help the social state through paying taxes like everyone else did then not?

  2. Imranul Islam | 18. January 2019 at 10:53 |

    Last comment by the minister of labor is very positive indeed, that they will counter by providing better training to their own first without closing the borders. It certainly hold good for the overall stability and integrity as even the population is in a declines for long and there are so many factors contributing to this precarious situation.

  3. Berhane Haile | 18. January 2019 at 11:12 |

    I am sure if every immigrant in Norway leaves within a week, the Norwegian economy could collapse within a few weeks unless the government starts hiring foreigners from Africa, Asia or Latin America. For example the USA was built by African slaves, Europe became rich by exploiting African and Asian manpower, minerals and agricultural products. But we must be fair to mention that Sweden and Norway are free from this historical crime. To come to the point, immigrants are an asset if there is a good managment. So, no need to worry.

  4. Totally misleading and poorly analysed research ‘more than 3.2%, what is that? 3.3%? Norwegians aged between 33-36 very small minority, and maybe those Norwegians are working elsewhere, maybe part-time …

  5. I fixed your headline:

    Immigrants to Norway only able to secure low paying jobs, displacing unskilled native Norwegian labor.

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