Fisheries Minister, Per Sandberg, will double the catch of minke whales

Minister of Fisheries Per Sandberg Dublin TransfersMinister Per Sandberg (Progress Party). Photo:

Per Sandberg, the Fisheries Minister for Fremskrittspartiet (FRP), will double the disputed catch of minke whales, so to sell more to Japan.

‘The Inland Court has the full opportunity to increase the quota. But we have to balance it and not create unnecessary conflict’, he said to NRK news.

This year’s quota is a thousand whales, and for the past five years, blubber and meat were sold on exemptions to Japan.

Virtually all countries prohibit the importation of whale meat. Only Norway, Japan and Iceland conduct whaling operations on the high seas today.

Norway caught 594 whales in 2013, 736 in 2014 and 660 in 2015. Last year, the quota was 880 whales, according to the Industry and Fisheries Ministry.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. Leave whales alone. What’s wrong with Norway and their issues with nature such as wolves and whales. Not good for tourism. Why can they not evolve.

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