Fisheries Minister is visiting Iran

Fisheries Minister Per SandbergPhoto:Fisheries Minister Per Sandberg

Fisheries Minister Per Sandberg was participated as visitor in the distribution of samples of seafood in demanding Iranian market at the supermarket Hyper Star in Tehran.

The Minister and the Norwegian Seafood Council are pleased with the result of trip to Iran and what observe on seafood market there.

The sanctions against Iran were lifted in January. During this week a Norwegian delegation of around 100 people traveled to Tehran to learn more about the Iranian market. During the trip many contacts were established between Norwegian exporters and Iranian companies who want to import seafood and aquaculture technology from Norway.

– I’ve talked to several Norwegian companies that have both secured letters of intent and real deals on the export of fish and technology and actually also import from Iran to Norway. When it comes to building new markets we must be patient and moving slowly but the Norwegian companies choose to be more present in Iran, this could go faster, says Fisheries Minister.

The minister had good contact with the Iranian authorities and the Iranian people on their journey to Iran. There has been a good atmosphere when Sandberg threw jacket and handing out samples to customers at supermarket chain Hyper Star, along with Seafood Council.

From Maløy to Iran

Last year Iran imported relatively around 610 tons of seafood from Norway to a value of NOK 31.5 million. Salmon Exporter Sverre Søraa in Coast Seafood in Maloy thinks the numbers could be far higher in the coming years.

– If the Iranians are taking the right moves rise in the country will be great for years to come. Here there is tremendous opportunity for growth on all fronts, but much must be in place before that time. The infrastructure is for example in no way good enough, he said.

For Norway as a seafood nation it is important to find new markets such as Iran.
– The work carried out now finding new markets is absolutely essential for Norwegian seafood companies. Some may wonder why we are looking for new markets when we do not have growth in production. The answer is that we are investing now for future growth. Søraa thinks that We cannot start work to find new markets when growth is already made, then we are too late.

Behind trip to Iran stands Norwegian Seafood Council and Innovation Norway, in collaboration with the Industry and Fisheries Ministry. In a time of growing protection for industry, market will stand higher on the agenda for Seafood Council.

– It is very important for Norway as seafood nation that we develop new markets. Norwegian Seafood Council is working to find new opportunities in Africa, Middle East, India and China. Market knowledge and dialogue with importers and authorities is key to gain entry into new markets therefore traveling as this to Iran is very important, says head of new markets in the Norwegian Seafood Council, Ingelill Jacobsen, adding that so far this year Norway has exported seafood to 138 nations.

Pleasantly surprised about Iran

During their stay in Iran, Søraa and the 100 other participants attended a business seminar and become better familiar with the Iranian market through visits to local farms, supermarket and conducted talks with Iranian business community.

– I’ve got a completely different picture of the country than is created in the media. We feel very well received, they are a wonderful open and welcoming people. They are also curious about us and want to know more about what we have to offer, says Søraa.

He believes it is positive that Norwegian industry players are looking for business opportunities in Iran.

– I believe that we can achieve a lot when communicating and trading with each other. Iranians get an insight into our values ??and the way we want to do things, mentioned Søraa.


Source:  Norway Today