Fjord 1 has signed contracts for construction of seven ferries

Fjord 1Photo: Fjord 1

The shipping company, ‘Fjord 1’ has signed two contracts for the construction of a total of seven new ferries with zero and low-emission technology.


Five of the ferries will be built by the Norwegian shipyard, ‘Havyard Ship Technology’, while two will be delivered by Turkish ‘Cemre Shipyard’. All the ferries will be forerunners in the world in terms of innovation and the environment, and will operate with zero and low-emission technology based on electric propulsion, said Fjord 1.

The five vessels delivered by Havyard have capacity for 50 passenger cars, and will make the ferry connections between Kvanne-Rykkjem and Edøya-Sandvika in Nordmørspakken, and Fedje-Sevrøy and Langevåg-Buavåg in Rutepakke 1, in Hordaland. The two Turkish-produced ferries will be incorporated into the Seivika-Tømmervåg association, with capacity for 80 passenger cars.

Although one of the suppliers is from Turkey, Fjord 1 Director, Dagfinn Neteland is pleased that Fjord 1 has signed a number of ship contracts with Norwegian suppliers in recent months.

“We see that Norwegian suppliers are in the front line when it comes to innovation on environment and technology, which is vitally important to us in Fjord1. During this contract process, there were several Norwegian shipyards that delivered bids and participated in the final round.

We are very pleased to see that the Norwegian shipyards have become competitive on price, quality and delivery times of the vessels. It’s always gratifying to write contracts with Norwegian suppliers that deliver well, and our expectations are high,” said Neteland.

All seven ferries will be delivered in the autumn of 2019. Besides Havyard and Cemre, Fjord1 has made delivery agreements with Fjellstrand AS at Nesodden, the Turkish Tersan Shipyard, and Sefine Shipyard.


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