Flower sales have increased during the Coronavirus pandemic

easter,daffodilsDaffodils.Photo: Pixabay

Flower orders have skyrocketed during the Coronavirus crisis. Interflora tells about the doubling in number of orders.

– “Flowers convey a feeling and a thought. It enhances the experience of being seen and feeling valued,” says Kjetil Hans Løken, Managing Director of Interflora Norge SA, to NRK.

The worldwide collaboration for flower delivery has 370 stores in Norway. Løken says that Interflora has experienced a doubling in flower orders when the stricter restrictions went into effect in mid-March. The last two weeks have been a doubling.

– We are talking about 10,000 deliveries per day, says Løken.

However, the abundance of flowers is somewhat less than usual due to the Coronavirus crisis. Therefore, it is most common in Norwegian goods, such as tulips, daffodils and bulb flowers

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