Food chains are in a fierce price war

remaRema.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

Kiwi’s fruit and vegetables sale has got Rema 1000 to respond with the discount program “Æ”.

The price war began when Coop responded with an even bigger price cut.
Norway Group’s cheap food chain Kiwi has lured customers by offering a 9.5 percent discount on fruit and vegetables.

Lately a mysterious Æ in Rema logo’s has appeared on billboards around the country, and Wednesday Rema boss Ole Robert explained this Æ is the name of the new discount program.

Through a brand new loyalty program in the form of an app Rema is offering a 10 percent discount on fruits, vegetables and the ten goods customers shop for most, the newspaper Nettavisen reported.

– The future is not going to be more comfortable, but more challenging, stated Reitan from the stage at The Qube Hotel atGardermoen on Wednesday afternoon when Æ was launched.

The Rema boss talked about Æ as one of the biggest and most important launches in the cheap food chain’s history. Trønder also said to all the merchants in the audience that there will be no inflation in Rema in 2017.

The Coop chain responded to Rema on the fly.

– We have promised to be cheaper, and we will be. We will introduce an 11 percent off discount chains Extra and Obs for anyone using our app. It will begin today, said communications director Bjørn Takle Friis of Coop to Nettavisen.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today