Grocery stores to install plastic screens to shield staff

Logo Rema 1000Rema 1000 Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Norwegian grocery stores will prevent the coronavirus infection by installing plexiglass at the tills.

The measure comes after several Rema 1000 employees expressed concern about their own safety in stores. At Norgesgruppen (Meny, Spar, Joker and Kiwi) they will take the same measures in their 1,800 stores.

– We have placed an order for as many plexiglass screens as we can get. The goal is to get it in all our stores from Monday, says communications manager Kine Søyland at the Norgesgruppen to NRK.

Managing director at Rema 1000, Trond Bentestuen, tells NRK that sick leave among employees is increasing.

– We are preparing for different scenarios, even if many become ill or are quarantined simoultanelously , says Bentestuen.

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4 Comments on "Grocery stores to install plastic screens to shield staff"

  1. Good to see SOME action, but the aerosol form of the virus can stay in the air for hours.

    Stores should also have staff wear facemasks AND require that anyone (including even cute little germ bombs 🙂 ) entering the store should be wearing one (or have the stroller covered) too.

    It would (still) be MUCH simpler if the government ordered everyone to wear even homemade masks, like China (successfully) did.

    See my case for that in my comment under the Norway Today article about King Harald’s speech. The point is – as the King said – to think about others … and to stop the virus *at its source(s)*

  2. Article: “You can wash your hands ‘all day’ but Covid-19 still can get you with ONE cough, medical expert tells Larry King”

    And facemasks contain/stop most all those droplets from getting out.

  3. Good to hear some good news. Unless everyone doesn’t wear mask in Norway it is hard to reduce contamination.
    Not only infected person but who are contaminated and still undiagnosed are high risk of infecting others. Thus mask must be compulsory to all. Norway should learn from China to introduce measures regarding Covid-19.

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