Rema 1000 egg became chicken

Rema 1000 egg became chickenRema 1000 egg became chicken. Photo:

Chicken hatched from Rema 1000 egg

Lene Andersen placed 18 organic eggs from Rema 1000 in an incubator. The result was the chicken “Rema”.

It took 21 days to hatch the organic eggs from Solving writes Framtid i Nord.

“A girlfriend said I had to try to hatch them, and I did it mostly for fun,” says Lena Andersen.

It is the first time Andersen has tried hatching store eggs, and she was very surprised that it could give birth to a chicken. From before, she namely had three other chicks hatched from farm eggs purchased locally.



A small miracle

Communication Manager Øyvind Arum in Rema 1000 call hatching a small miracle.
“The eggs are rayed and quality assured before they end refrigerated in a store. So when someone uses incubator and gets to hatch a chicken, it is not anything but a small miracle,” says Arum.

According to the provider ‘Den Stolte Hane’, it takes a lot for organic eggs to be fertilised, but it can occur.

– Any embryos have the same quality as unfertilised since no type of incubation process has been started under 38  conditions over several days and weeks, says Quality Manager Christin S. Bjønnes of Den Stolte Hane.

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