Food chains have put up prices

CoopCoop.Photo: Norway Today Media

July 1st is one of the two fixed days of the year food chains adjust their prices. Some items were over twice as expensive at the end of this process.

The strongest price jumps concerned goods where there has been a price war between the chains, writes E24. Coop, Rema 1000 and Norway Group confirmed price increases.

– Prices may be perceived as a bit higher because of particularly high price competition this year and generally lower promotional activity in the summer, says communications consultant Ingrid Solberg Gundersen in Norway Group.

Canned goods, candy, mayonnaise and fruit are among the goods that have become more expensive, according to customer feedback on social media.

– There has been an extreme price war throughout the year and there are some items that have been extremely low. So the price of goods is now normal, it may be a leap in prices of individual goods, where price pressure has been greatest, says Lisemette Kjellberg for Coop Norway.

The chains say there are four main reasons why prices rise in summer: price from suppliers, any increases in state taxes, agricultural settlement and currency fluctuations.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today