Food prices in Norway rise again

Grocery storeGrocery store.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

The rise in food prices in Norway is more substantial than for other goods. Parliamentary representative Kårstein Løvaas (H) reacted to the price increase.

According to Statistics Norway (SSB), the price increase for food and non-alcoholic beverages was 3.8% in September, compared with the same month of the year before.

The total index, which measures inflation for all goods, by comparison, grew 1.6%.

“How should prices increase when the industry has record sales, when we all go to grocery stores, we don’t travel to Sweden, buy everything in stores, and sales have increased by maybe as much as 20?” Løvaas told NRK.

Løvaas is the spokesperson for the Norwegian parliament (Storting)’s report on groceries.

However, the grocery industry itself wants to nuance the picture.

“Prices not that much higher”

“Overall, the prices are not that much higher. If they are higher now in September, it is partly due to currency changes. Then, we also have price increases from the suppliers. The farmers have received a well-deserved agricultural settlement, which also appears in the form of increased prices to the consumer,” communications director Bjørn Takle Friis in Coop noted.

The leader of the Norwegian Farmers’ Association Lars Petter Bartnes also reacted.

“Coop used the agricultural settlement as a reason to increase food prices in stores. It’s wrong. The price increase for agricultural products in this year’s simplified agricultural negotiations was small – calculated at NOK 50 per consumer distributed over the year,” he noted.

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