Food stores break holiday closing laws

Grocery storeGrocery store.Photo: Norway Today Media

Several food stores in Oslo stayed open longer than 16.00 on Easter eve, breaking stipulated laws on holiday closing hours.

Both Rema and Coop shops in Oslo broke the holiday Easter evening closing time laws when they did not close the doors at 16.00 and stayed open both one and two hours extra.

On Christmas Eve, Easter Eve, and Pentecost, shops should close at 16.00.

Regional Director for Rema 1000 in Oslo, May Britt Østbye, apologised on NRK news. She said it was all down to a misunderstanding.

‘’We misinterpreted the regulations. We strongly regret this’’ said Østbye.

According to VG newspaper, two Coop stores near Oslo center also wrote on their websites that they planned to stay open until 18.00 over Easter.

According to communications director, Bjørn Takle Friis of Coop, after a little confusion a few days ago, internally a message went out
that it was at 16.00 that the stores should close on Easter night.

‘’There were a few merchants who had not received this information’’ Friis told VG somewhat mysteriously.

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