Forbes lists Michael Jackson as deceased celebrity leaving highest earnings

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson

For the fifth consecutive year, Michael Jackson was on Forbes list as deceased celebrity with the highest income. The King of Pop earned $75 million in 2017.


Number two on the magazine’s list was golf legend Arnold Palmer, with $40 million. The creator of the Peanuts cartoon, Charles Schulz, was third, with an income of $38 million.

Elvis Presley has been on the list for a long time, and secured $35 million, up from last year’s $27 million thanks to a new entertainment center in Memphis, and a recently opened hotel in the town.

Bob Marley rounded out the top five with $23 million.

A name on the list came in completely unexpectedly. Tom Petty, who died on the 3rd of October, was in 6th place, with $20 million, reflecting the revenue from last year’s tour, where the band grossed $1 million a night.

Prince followed, with $18 million.

The list includes before tax income from the 15th October 2016, to the 15th October
2017, and is based on a number of sources, including Nielsen SoundScan, IMDb,
Pollstar Pro, and interviews with financial experts.


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