Foreign owners build Norwegian wind power

wind powerSmøla.Wind power : Bjørn Sigurdsøn / SCANPIX

By 2020, 18 new wind power plants will be completed in Norway.15 of them are wholly or partly owned by foreigners.


The reason why foreigners have thrown their backs behind wind power is simply that it’s a good investment wrote Klassekampen.

‘’Investments are expected to yield an annual return of 8%. It is attractive for large foreign pension funds and infrastructure funds,seeking long-term and safe returns” said Øyvind Isachsen,director of Norwea,the Norwegian Wind Energy Organization.

He said the domestic hydropower industry did not have to invest in wind because they already had a monopoly on renewable power.

“It was in an early stage when it was excitingThen it became expensive and difficult, and then they sold out” said Isachsen. He believes that the Norwegian power companies are on their way back,now there is money to earn on wind power And the wind turbine spokesman said it’s easier to sell new projects with
Norwegian than foreign owners.

“It’s easier when those who invest are solid Norwegians with the right dialect.’’

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