Foreign shipyard workers must pay their way to work themselves

Norwegian shipyards are losing market share to AsiaPhot:.Photo: Morten Holm / SCANPIX .

The tariff committee has removed the employer’s duty to pay for travel to Norway for foreign shipyard workers. The federal union is disappointed with this decision.


According to the Free Trade Movement, the change occurs because the scheme may be in violation of the EEA Agreement.

After the decision, employers are only required to cover travel, transport and lodging on work trips within Norway’s borders. “The federal union is disappointed,” says Knut Øygard, head of the tariff department in the Fellesforbundet.

“General application is perhaps the most important tool we have against social dumping, and now an important part of the general public is removed,” he said.

It’s the first time since general application, ie making it mandatory for everyone to follow, was introduced into the industry for ten years that the State Tariff Committee has made a change that’s worse for the employees, writes Fri Freedom Movement.

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