Foreign workers overrepresented among work related deaths

Temporary Labour ContractsConstruction Workers, Illustration. Photo: Pixabay

13 people have died in occupational accidents so far in 2017, and foreigners are still overrepresented in the statistics, as the numbers shown by, which have obtained them from both the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority and media reports.


At the same time last year, 14 were killed. Foreign workers are overrepresented among the deaths. Of the 13 who have died so far this year, 5 were foreign nationals.


In 2014, 13 of the 43 were foreign workers. In 2015, 11 out of the 31  were foreign.


Last year, 10 out of 25 were foreign workers. One of those who died in 2017 was on a fishing boat, the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority oes not register deaths at sea, so this incident was taken from the media. The remaining 12 were registered with the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority.


The 13 who died in the helicopter accident on Turøy in 2016 are not included in the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority’s overview.

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