More forest roads constructed

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In total, 105 kilometres of new all-year roads and summer roads were finished and approved in 2015. This is 35 kilometres more than in the previous year.

In addition, 335 kilometres of all-year roads were rebuilt last year; a decrease of 29 kilometres from 2014. A total of 165 kilometres of new winter roads and tractor roads were built and 72 kilometres were rebuilt in 2015.

Total costs for construction and reconstruction of forest roads amounted to NOK 243 million in 2015. Government subsidies accounted for NOK 89 million of the costs. The average expenditure per metre of all-year roads and summer roads built with government subsidies was NOK 769.

Extensive forest roads network
Although there is little construction of new forest roads, the total length of such roads in Norway is extensive. A total of 49 000 kilometres of all-year roads and summer roads were registered as per 1 January 2016. In comparison, the total length of public roads in Norway is approximately 94 000 kilometres.


Source: SSB / Norway Today