Four out of ten think food is too expensive in Norway


Nearly four out of ten respondents believe food prices are too high in Norway, according to a new survey. Half of the respondents believe prices are appropriate.


The survey, conducted by Sentio Research for Nationen newspaper, concluded that 52% of respondents areb satisfied with food prices, while 38% believe they are too high. Only 7% believed Norwegian food prices are too low.

The survey showed that the percentage who believe prices are too high is the highest among those with the least education,and lowest among those with higher education.

‘If you ask how much people think they are using food, they have the fewest disagreements. They think they spend a lot more than they do. Knowledge of price levels is very low, because food has become so much cheaper’, said Professor, and Consumer Expert, Runar Døving, at Kristiania College.

He pointed out that while food accounted for 40% of Norwegians’ household budget in the 1950’s, food products accounted for 12% of household budgets in 2012, according to Statistics Norway (SSB).


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