Fremskrittsparti (Frp) wants referendum on 53 new toll stations in Oslo and Akershus

toll ringOslo.Ttoll ring.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Frp politicians in Oslo and Akershus will request that a referendum be held on the 53 new toll stations planned in the two counties next year.


Vibeke Limi, who is the group leader of Frp on the county council in Akershus, told Dagsavisen newspaper that she will propose this during the June meeting in the county council. She believes that motorists get too little return on the money they pay.

“Of what is required in Oslo, only 11% goes to them, while 89% goes to collective measures. In Akershus 70% goes to collective measures. But is it correct that motorists pay for this? By comparison, what the collective traveller pays into Oslopakke 3 counts as nothing,’’ she said.

She is supported by Geir Hågen Karlsen of Oslo Frp, and by the party’s spokesman for communication policy, Morten Stordalen.

53 new stations are planned in and around Oslo by the 1st of March next year.These come in addition to the 20 metro stations that already form the Oslo ring and the Bærum section, the nine embankments on the city limits in west Oslo.

Professor of Political Science, Tor Bjørklund at the University of Oslo, has researched referendums. He says he does not think Frp politicians have any hope of actually winning with their desire for a referendum, but that it may be useful to their own members and voters.

‘’Complaints about breach of promise and genuflection for toll payers can be paired with,‘’do not blame us, we demanded a referendum’’.



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