As of Friday you can search the tax lists

Search the tax listsTax .Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

As of Friday you can search the tax lists

On Friday, the tax lists for 2016 will be published. The total tax settlement shows that 4.2 million personal taxpayers paid NOK 490 billion in taxes.


In addition to 4.2 million workers, retirees and entrepreneurs, 305,000 companies have paid a total of NOK 130 billion in taxes, the tax office states in a press release.

The agency reports that on average eight out of ten wage earners, retirees and received an average of NOK 12,500 returned from their taxes in 2016. That means that around 3.2 million taxpayers receive nearly NOK 40 billion in to much paid tax.

At the same time, nearly 750,000 have had to pay extra taxes to a total of NOK 23 billion, an average of NOK 31,000 per person.

No longer a need to send a complaint to the tax office

After the current Tax Administration Act came into force at the turn of the year, each individual determine themselves the basis for tax when reporting income, wealth, debt and deductions in the tax report.

This means that if you find an error in the tax settlement, it is no longer necessary to send a complaint to the tax office.

– In most cases, you no longer have to complain to alter the tax settlement. If you find that the information in the tax report is incorrect, you can alter it yourself so that the tax administration can calculate the correct tax, says Communications Director in the Tax Administration, Mariken Holter.

She states that changes are made by visiting the tax authorities website, and logging in to view the tax report in the normal way.

Fewer searches the tax return lists

Since October last year, more than 1.6 million searches have been made in the tax lists, made by 440,000 unique logins. The year before, there were 1.5 million searches and 470,000 unique logins respectively.

As of 2014, a system came into force enabling individuals to see who has searched them up in the tax lists.

By comparison, 16.5 million searches were made the year before logging of searches was introduced. These were made by nearly 927,000 unique logins.

To search the tax lists, you must log in via the ID portal using MinID (My ID).


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