Frp addresses the battle for beer sales at gas stations

Beer and intoxicant soft drinks: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

The Progress Party will facilitate Norwegian alcohol regulations and promote proposals for beer sales at gas stations and kiosks.

The party had to endure strict alcohol policy in government with the KrF, but is now promoting the new Parliament setting on opening hours for the Vinmonopolet proposal for more relief on Norwegian alcohol laws, writes Vårt Land.

In the new proposal, Frp will “allow the municipalities to say yes to applications for sales authorization, even when the application comes from service trading companies”.

– “Frp sees no difference in principle whether the premises is called a grocery store or a gas station,” says health spokeswoman Åshild Bruun-Gundersen (Frp) to Vårt Land.

She thinks the municipalities themselves will be able to decide where beer can be sold.

– In many small municipalities, the gas station is the convenience store. Then the municipality should be able to decide and define this, Bruun-Gundersen believes.

Frp also proposes, among other things, allowing grocery stores to sell alcoholic beverages by up to 4.7 percent throughout opening hours and cutting alcohol taxes to the same level as our neighboring countries to avoid trade leaks.

Parliament will deal with the matter on Tuesday.

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