Frp: Ap-promise will lead to tax increase for disabled people

Siv Jensen, Share Tax exemptions G20 Summit tour of eastern Norway Budget bankrupt Labour cabinMinster of Finance for the Progressive Party (FRP), Siv Jensen. Photo: Progress Party

Frp: Ap-promise will lead to tax increase for disabled people

The Progress Party says Labour’s plans to raise taxes by NOK 15 billion will give tax hikes for 36,000 people receiving disability benefits.


Minister of Finance, Siv Jensen (Frp), has got her professionals to review the Labour Party’s promise to raise taxes in Norway by NOK 15 billion.

According to figures from the Ministry of Finance, disabled people who pay tax on wealth will receive a tax hike of NOK 5,100, VG writes.

The figures show that 36,700 Norwegians with social security benefits as main income currently pay tax on wealth.

– The ones who are presented with this tax bill are the weary in society, who maybe have paid down debt on their house and have a modest income from social security. These are people who have lived a frugal life, which will be punished with a lot of extra taxes, says Jensen.

Labour’s fiscal spokesperson, Marianne Marthinsen, says there may be other changes to the tax system if they get power of Government.

– It is not sure that those who pay wealth tax under Siv Jensen also will do so with our arrangement.

We five folded the basic deduction last time we were in Government and removed or reduced the wealth tax for hundreds of thousands of retirees and small savers, and we will continue to increase the tax deductions during the next period, says Marthinsen.


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