FRP and the red-green vying for the sailors

TOR Platform Supply ship sailorsTOR Platform and Supply ship, Photo: ConocoPhillips Norway

FRP and the red-green coalition vying for the favour of the sailors

The red-green coalition asks the Parliament to study the possibility of requiring Norwegian conditions for sailors on vessels operating in Norwegian waters. Fremskrittspartiet (FrP) propose the same, while Partner Høyre says no.


The red-green proposal on Norwegian pay and working conditions on the continental shelf and in Norwegian waters, has been presented in connection with the revised national budget, writes Dagsavisen.

Before Christmas last year voiced FRP against a similar proposal, but at this spring’s National Congress the party voted for such a study. Now they will follow Ap, Sp, and SV.

Protectionist policy says Høyre

– We support the intent of their proposal in line with what we decided at the National Congress. Now we are working on promoting a proposal ourselves, and then we will see what is being treated first, says Oskar Grimstad (Frp), who is in the Norwegian Parliament’s Industry Committee. Governmental partner, the Conservatives, on the other hand, shows little enthusiasm for the proposal.

– We see no reason to investigate this. It may be that it is possible legally to demand Norwegian wages and working conditions, but we will not pursue a protectionist policy, says Ove Trellevik (Conservatives).


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