Fur industry to be wound up by 2025

Fur farmingFur farming

The government will decommission fur farming by 2025. Opponents cheer, while fur farmers are despondent.


‘The aim is to promote a petition to parliament on the banning of fur farming, with a termination period for existing producers by the end of 2024/2025, said the Jeløya platform.

‘I don’t think we had the impulse to wind up fur farming outside government,’ said Trine Skei Grande, the left-wing leader.

Left boosted

Not unexpectedly, the decision gained cheers from opponents of fur farming.

‘It is absolutely amazing that the Left has shown the ability, and willingness to prioritise consideration of the weakest, fur animals suffering from cramped cages. NOAH has fought for 28 years for this, and we are extremely pleased that politicians have finally listened to veterinary advice, and opinion on this matter’, said Siri Martinsen, NOAH’s chairman.

Both Erna Solberg, and Siv Jensen, told NTB news that the winding up of fur farming was one of the most difficult cases for them to swallow.

Despair among breeders

Among those who are disappointed are many fur farmers.

‘This is very serious, and we are very disappointed to be sacrificed in this way,’ said chairman of Norway’s fur industry, Bertran Trane Skadsem, to NRK news.

Countrywide, up to 200 fur farmers will be affected, according to the news channel.

‘Last words have definitely not been said in this case. Now we will lay a plan, and hope that we will be able to get around this’, he said.

The compensation scheme for those farming fur animals must be investigated and clarified in 2018, according to the government.


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