Future winters will prove expensive to Norway

Future winters will cost Norway expensiveLittle snow. Photo Norway Today Media

Winters without snow caused by the climate changes will have major financial implications for a variety of industries, according to an expert panel, which discusses the impact of the climate changes  on Norwegian winter sports.
A billion  NOK amount is at stake if we the winter that we are used to disappears, the report named Gray Winter,states. The report is published by the Norwegian Climate Foundation and was was presented in Oslo on Wednesday.
The Norwegian winter that we are used to may disappear completely or partly within the next generations. The snow map from the report “Climate in Norway 2100” from the Norwegian Climate Centre shows tha thet low-lying and coastal parts of Norway, where most Norwegians live, already by this mid-century are in for a significantly shorter snow season.
In the year 2100 the norm in much of Norway be little – if any at all – snow in winter. How quickly the changes will occur and how severe they will be will depend on the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today