Gets three years’ salary after Ryanair Settlement

Alessandra CoccaAlessandra Cocca.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

Ryanair has made a settlement with former employee Alessandra Cocca in a termination of employment court case due in court later this year.

-Alessandra Cocca of Italy has been employed by the Irish airline Ryanair in Norway. She considers herself unfairly dismissed by the airline. Now the parties have reached a settlement.

The Italian Alessandra Cocca and Ryanair have reached a settlement, writes the labour organization Parat in a statement last Friday.
Cocca is a resident in Norway and was based at the Torp Airport Rygge near Oslo.
Lawyer for Parat, Christen Horn Johannessen, considers the settlement an admission from the airline.

– After two decisive court decisions, we were now ready to settle the issue of Ryanair’s unlawful dismissal of Cocca. Ryanair, along with Crew Link, has, after negotiations, however chosen to pay Cocca an amount of NOK 570,000 in damages, according to the lawyer.

The Settlement is supposedly equivalent to three years’ salary, as Cocca’s annual salary from Ryanair was NOK 175,000 according to the lawyer, reports E24.


Source: / Norway Today