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The Government changes the rules for unemployment benefits

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The Government changes the rules for unemployment benefits

The Government changes the rules so that one is now less likely to be penalized for part-time work while receiving unemployment benefit.


The change will come into effect on the 1st of July and will affect those who have worked full-time, and then transition to a part-time position before they receive unemployment benefits.
‘People who’ve worked a little have been severely affected by  calculation of unemployment benefits, disproportionately so, and I ‘m pleased that we’ve  changed this,’ said Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Anniken Hauglie of Høyre (H) in a press release.
People who work part-time will now be able to choose whether they will calculate their working hours for the past year, or the past three years, before they became unemployed. This will affect the stoppage of unemployment benefits, and may make it possible to work more while receiving it.
‘It’s important to encourage unemployed people to keep in touch with working life. All our experience demonstrates that this makes it easier to get a job. Now it will become more attractive to work a little while receiving unemployment benefits’, said Hauglie.
She emphasized that the change doesn’t solve all the challenges associated with unemployment benefits, and that the government are still working on other possible improvements.


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