Government committee: The tax-free scheme should be scrapped – it undermines Norway’s tax system

Tax freePhoto: Vidar Ruud / NTB

The “Norway towards 2025” committee recommends that the government scrap the tax-free scheme. The recommendation appears in the committee’s final report.

“The tax-free scheme undermines the Norwegian tax system and Norwegian alcohol and tobacco policy, increases the availability and consumption of alcohol and tobacco, and challenges Vinmonopolet’s position,” the committee writes in the report.

Furthermore, it is pointed out that the scheme has adverse climate and environmental effects.

“It contributes to lower ticket prices, so air traffic and emissions are higher than they otherwise would be.”

The committee was set up last spring and was commissioned to assess how the consequences of the virus outbreak, developments in the international economy, infection control measures, and the economic countermeasures will affect developments in the Norwegian economy up to 2025.

It is led by Arctic Securities partner Jon Gunnar Pedersen.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayFinance

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4 Comments on "Government committee: The tax-free scheme should be scrapped – it undermines Norway’s tax system"

  1. rich twat and friends dictateing to the masses i have a better idea cut expenses to all commity members and tell them to get a real job na sorry that will never happen to busy living the good life at the tax payers expence just a disgrace

  2. WTF? It endangers Vinmonopolet’s position?
    And to justify ANYTHING, just tie it to environment and climate? :)) It’s hilarious.

    Come on dude, you want your monopoly to be intact, and your pockets to be filled with extra money that people are paying you for no reason so that you can take your vacations in southern Spain.

    It’s just mind-bugling how these decisions are even thought in a first-world country.

  3. Janet McHenry | 26. March 2021 at 08:39 | Reply

    Obviously 1 litre of spirits + 2 litres of wine per person per trip is pushing up those prices at the Vinmomopolet and threatening it……………..ha ha ha, how we laughed when we read this. Maybe they should consider cutting the taxes so people would not bother about buying anything duty free, just saying for a friend.

  4. I love how the norwegians will tie climate into anything as a way to try and get people to support this non sense. Its like did they have a brain storming meeting to find ways to make just enough of the population to accept this and settled on climate change?

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