The Government earmarks millions to marine industry

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The Government earmarks NOK 30 million towards the marine industry

The government earmarks 30 million for the pilot project “DemoHav” (Demo Ocean) to stimulate more innovation in the maritime sector.


Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) released the minor budget leak when she visited Sunday Norwegian Maritime Competence Center (NMC) as part of her campaign tour in Western Norway.

The project will be about developing new production platforms on board fishing vessels and demonstrators for installation and service of offshore power installations. But also robotization, automated design, standardization and development of autonomous ships.


– We are adding to an already equipped toolbox for the ocean industry with another sought after tool. This way we help to create additional jobs and secure Norway’s position as world-leading Oceaneering nation. We will still be the best on the ocean, says Solberg, who also gets behind the levers of the NMK offshore simulator, the worlds largest of its kind.

– We have been concerned that we need to maintain competence. This effort will lower the threshold regarding trying out research and development results in practical terms, according to  the Prime Minister.

NMK describes itself as a learning and innovation arena that connects business and academia.

The Cluster Environment in Ålesund is collaboration between a number of companies, schools and universities and research institutions. Among the companies that have invested in NMK is Rolls-Royce.

– We are very proud of this, says the CEO, Kaj Westre.

Strengthen the industry

According to the Government, the “Demo Ocean” initiative will be of interest to marine and maritime companies along the entire coastline from Svinesund to the Russian border.

– Norwegian companies in the maritime and maritime sectors are international leaders. The initiative will further strengthen Norway as a leading ocean going nation, says Solberg.

The Government is facilitating a cooperation between the Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway in the allocation of the funds.


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