The government will adopt new technology in taxis

Taxi Haxi Taxi DriverA Norwegian Taxi. Illustration Photo: Norway Today Media

Prices calculated via GPS-based mobile applications, and not metered, are changes under consideration in the Ministry of Transport.
It emerged from a meeting between representatives of the taxi industry and the Ministry of Transport on Monday.

Secretary of State Tom-Christer Nilsen in the Ministry of Transport says it is important for the government to facilitate an efficient and well-functioning taxi market, adapted to the major changes that the use of new technology brings.

– We want to look at solutions that remove metered demand by having the price calculated via GPS-based mobile applications, along with new requirements for price information that strengthen passengers’ interests.

We must also consider whether there can be made changes in the rules for taxi companies and organization in the industry, as well as the possibility of a repeal of the requirement that the cab shall be the main acquisition for the permit holder, says Nilsen.

In addition, there is consideration about allowing more people to engage in carpooling. The government will not propose to repeal the needs test.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today