Great danger about drivers’ strike – Statoil and Esso could be heavily affected!

Circle KCircle K.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

– Strike danger is imminent, says chief negotiator Morten Hagen from Transport Workers Union.

The parties sat down at the State mediator on Monday 12 O’clock, If they cannot reach agreement by Wednesday midnight, the 550 drivers who are organized by Transport Workers Union and Occupation Traffic Association (YTF) will go initially on strike.

Distribution and goods transport across the country will be affected, along with delivery of fuel to gas stations. In addition, collection and distribution of milk in some parts of the country will be affected.

Parties consist of NHO Transport and Norwegian Truck Owners Federation (NLF) is considered as main suppliers involved in this.

– We have also informed our members who work in Hoyer, the main supplier of fuel to Statoil and Esso, to be prepared for being on strike immediately if mediation is not successful. We have of course the opportunity to step up and cover the other vendors later, says Hagen to NTB. If mediation is not successful then the strike will be started in early working hours of Wednesday morning.

– This will result in fuel shortage within Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim, said chief negotiator Linda Jaeger in YTF.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today