Oil fair in Stavanger “greener” than usual


The giant event ONS next week will be greener than ever,  the organizers promise. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) will be there for the first time, hoping to influence the industry.

Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) will open on Monday and ONS General Leif Johan Sevland promises a wider proportion of green thinking and technology and the environment than ever before:

– Everyone who works with energy ought to cooperate. All of the oil and gas industry wants to produce as clean energy as possible. , Sevland  says to NTB.

Head of WWF Nina Jensen is participating for the first time this year  but is not impressed by the oil industry’s involvement. “Green wrapping paper,” is the way she describes it:

–  The ONS program clearly shows that this is an industry that has not really taken into account the things which are actually happening in the world,

They show a greater interest in these topics now, because all the companies now see which way things are going. However, they are not realistic about this. We will help them see things more clearly.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today