GreenTech seeks «Green» Award winners

GreenTech Awards Green TechologyThe GreenTech Festival, 2018. Photo: Ulf Büschleb ©GreenTech Awards.

GreenTech seeks «Green Academy Award» winners

Norway is a partner country during GreenTech Festival 2019, popularly known as the «Academy Award for Green and Sustainable Solutions». Here, Norwegian companies have the opportunity to show themselves to potential buyers and decision-makers from all over the world, as well as being able to adorn themselves with the same title as previous winners Elon Musk, Bob Geldof and the hybrid BMW i8.


“Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time, but I believe that it is also one of our greatest business opportunities today. Norwegian business and industry are faced with the opportunity to develop the technologies, solutions and business models that will take us to zero emissions. During GreenTech Festival we can showcase what has already been developed,” Norwegian Climate and Environmental Minister Ola Elvestuen states.

GreenTech Festival is one of the world’s largest events for sustainable innovation. The next in line is held in Berlin in May 2019, where Norway is an official partner country.

“As of this week, Norwegian companies can nominate their solutions. -Norway’s official role during the GreenTech Festival gives Norwegian companies great attention from important decision-makers from all over the world. This is an excellent opportunity to put Norwegian, sustainable innovations on the map,” acting CEO of Innovation Norway, Hans Martin Vikdal, exclaims.

The Explorer

Innovation Norway has a stand at GreenTech Festival, where all Norwegian companies that are nominated are invited to participate. Those companies are also invited to register their solutions on the digital display window «The Explorer», which through increased visibility will match Norwegian, green and sustainable solutions to international needs and buyers. The Explorer will be an essential part of Innovation Norway’s communication in connection with the event.

In 2019, the GreenTech Festival collaborates with Formula E, the world’s first fully electric car race.

“This entails a number of possibilities for the EV country Norway. We are the world leader both in the use of and in the development of EV parts, and that will be highlighted during the GreenTech Festival,” Vikdal emphasises.

Who can partake?

All companies that have solutions within the competition’s five different categories can participate. The categories are: “Innovation of the year”, “Game changer of the year”, “Rising star of the year” and “Start-up of the year”. The main criterion is that companies must offer solutions that are more environmentally or socially beneficial than what is available on the market today.

Interested companies can nominate their solution to the GreenTech Festival by January 31st. The nominees in each category are selected by a separate jury.


  • GreenTech Festival 2019 is held 23.-25 may in Berlin, Germany.
  • The GreenTech Festival has been arranged annually since 2007.

Nominate your solution here.

Read more about The Explorer.


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