More than half of election campaign contributions from trade unions

electionElection in Norway 2017

Political parties received more than NOK 67 million in contributions from their supporters during this year’s general election campaign, of which almost NOK 36 million was donated by the labour organisations to the Labour Party, Socialist Left Party, Centre Party and Red Party.


Of the total NOK 67 million, NOK 30 million was donated to Labour alone. Ninety per cent of the NOK 30 million was donated by trade union organisations, i.e. almost NOK 27 million.

The Socialist Left Party and the Centre Party also received the main part of their donations from trade union organisations, i.e. around 90 per cent. The Red Party, however, received 90 per cent of their contributions from private donors, totalling more than NOK 1 million.

After Labour, the Conservative Party was the main recipient of election campaign contributions this year. The Conservatives received some NOK 15 million, of which NOK 13 million was from commercial enterprises.

Thus, the Conservatives received approximately half the amount received by Labour, while the Socialist Left Party received NOK 6 million and was the third biggest recipient.

The Conservatives and Socialist Left stand out as the parties with many local branches receiving donations. In addition to the central party organisations, 20 and 15 branches respectively received contributions from their supporters.


Source: SSB / Norway Today