More than half of people are buying Christmas gifts online

Christmas giftChristmas gift. Photo:

Over half of us are going to buy Christmas gifts online this year, but only 6 percent buy most or all the gifts on-line.

It shows by a new survey conducted by Response Analysis for SpareBank 1.

Around 53 percent said they will buy one or more Christmas gifts online this year.

That’s increased from 42 percent in two years ago.
This means that over 2.1 million adults choose to do some of their Christmas shopping online. 6 percent, or 230,000 people, buying most or all the gifts on-line.

– There is still a long way before the network takes over the physical store, but now online stores are fully established, says consumer economist Magne Gundersen from SpareBank 1.

One out of five in the age group of 18 to 24 years buying all or most gifts online.


online shopping increased despite messages lately about consumers who have been defrauded online and brief information that has ended up in the wrong hands.

The Consumer Ombudsman has drawn up a blacklist of around 200 rogue online stores.
– It is important to watch out for those rogue online shops.

A single Google Search will reveal whether the store has a lot of complaints or dissatisfied customers. Use healthy skepticism.

If you have not heard about the name of online store and you cannot find a phone number or other contact information, those could be reasons to be careful, says Magne Gundersen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today