Heavy vehicles can be banned in the Oslo Fjord tunnel

Oslo Fjord tunnelOslo Fjord tunnel.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

Heavy vehicles can be banned from the Oslo Fjord tunnel

Clearer signage and faster barriers are some of the fire prevention measures introduced in the Oslo Fjord tunnel. The Road Administration also considers a ban on heavy vehicles.


Two people were rescued from the Oslo Fjord tunnel after a truck started burning in early May.

The tunnel is still closed and will open no earlier than early June. Meanwhile, a number of new measures have been introduced to prevent road users from entering in case of fire.

Circumvented barriers

Among them are new signage outside the tunnel, and more robust barriers in case of a red light.

One of the most important learning points has been that road users do not take the barrier seriously and drive down the tunnel even after they are deployed, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration writes in its conclusion on the proposals.

Ban on heavy vehicles

The Road Administration also considers prohibiting heavy vehicles over 12.5 meters and vehicles transporting dangerous goods during the rush hours.

– The ban will be applicable until we have a solution in place that identifies vehicles that may adversely affect road safety.

This naturally creates challenges for business and accessibility.

– We are therefore focusing on resolving this as quickly as possible, says Nils Audun Karbø. Karbø is Director of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.


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