High jump in tolls for electric cars in Oslo

tolls osloTolls.Photo: Aleksander Krogsvold Johansen / NTB scanpix

From the First of March, electric vehicle motorists will have to pay NOK 10 and 15 to pass the two toll ring stations in Oslo, almost double the current level. The electric car association is skeptical.

The increase in the price from March 1st goes up from NOK 4 in the inner toll ring outside of rush hour and double during rush hour. In the two outer toll rings the price is NOK 5 and 10 respectively. The price increase in March only applies to electric cars and not other vehicles.

– “It is important that it pays to choose zero emission cars. In order to convince more people to take that step, some incentives are important. And especially the toll rebate is important for people when considering buying an electric car,” says General Secretary of the electric car association Christina Bu to Dagsavisen.

She thinks electric cars lose an important competitive advantage against gasoline and diesel cars when the toll is raised. Until last year, electric cars drove free in the toll rings. The Secretary-General recalls that Oslo has decided that the city will be a zero-emission city by 2030. Then it will not be possible to drive gas or diesel cars in the city.

With the new price hike, Oslo is close to the limit Parliament has set that electric cars should not pay more than 50 percent of what fossil cars will pay in the toll ring.

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