Highest building activity in Akershus

Dyna, TjuvholmenDyna, Tjuvholmen. Photo: Wikipedia

In 2015, building start permits were given for 31 300 dwellings. This is 15 per cent more than in 2014. The counties of Akershus and Sør-Trøndelag had the highest building activity.

Akershus is the county with the highest building activity, with 4 800 new dwellings. Akershus county is also number one when it comes to flats, with 2 360, followed by Oslo with 1 753 new units.

Other than residential buildings down
In 2015, building start permits were given for 5.2 million square metres of utility floor space for “other than dwellings”. This is down 2 per cent from the year before. Of this, 1.4 million square metres related to holiday houses, garages for residential buildings etc.

A total of 3.8 million square metres were given building start permits within the business sector, 3 per cent less than in 2014, where industrial and office buildings account for almost half of the activity.

Building more holiday homes
A total of 6 800 holiday houses were given building start permits. This is 18 per cent more than the year before. The county of Buskerud has registered the most building start permits, with 1 017 holiday homes, followed by Oppland and Hedmark with 935 and 685 respectively.

1 891 demolished detached houses
In 2015, a total of 2 983 dwellings were demolished, of which 1 891 were detached houses. For buildings other than residential buildings, 12 463 buildings were demolished, 4 503 buildings in the industrial sector were pulled down, and 1 303 holiday homes and 6 657 private garages were demolished.



Source: SSB / Norway Today