Highest share of electric cars is in Finnøy – every fourth car is powered by electricity

Electric carsElectric car.Photo: Pixabay

Finnøy in Rogaland is the municipality in the country with the highest proportion of electric cars. Here, 26 percent of cars – more than one in four – are running on electricity.

This shows the overview ABC News has acquired. In a number of municipalities in the far north of the country – such as Kvalsund, Lebesby, Gamvik and Hasvik in Finnmark – there is not a single electric car, while in the western municipalities of Finnøy in Rogaland and Askøy in Hordaland the proportion is 26 and 25 per cent respectively, the overview shows together with the Information Council for Road Traffic (OFV).

“We are not only the municipality with the highest electric car share in Norway, but in the world. The news agency Reuters has been reporting on it. They have searched for the municipality in Europe with the highest electric car share, and ended up here. It is great to be portrayed as one of the best environmental municipalities in the world,” says Mayor Henrik Halleland (Ap) in Finnøy.

Here is the highest percentage of electric cars as of June 30, 2019

  1. Finnøy, Rogaland – 26 percent.
  2. Askøy, Hordaland – 25 percent.
  3. Bærum, Akershus – 18.4 per cent.
  4. Bergen, Hordaland – 17.6 percent.
  5. Fjell, Hordaland – 16.9 per cent.
  6. Asker, Akershus – 16.6 percent.
  7. Randaberg, Rogaland – 16.5 percent.
  8. Sola, Rogaland – 16.3 percent.
  9. Averøy, Møre og Romsdal – 16.0 per cent.
  10. Malvik, Trøndelag – 15.9 per cent.

Oslo comes in 11th place with 15.7 percent, Stavanger in 28th place with 11.8 percent and Trondheim in 35th place with 10.8 percent.

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