Proposes to the oil industry when building hospital

university hospital StavangerThe new university hospital in Stavanger. Photo: Helse Stavanger

Proposes to the oil industry when building hospital for NOK 8 billion

“We hope the industry sees a good opportunity to use its knowledge.”

The new university hospital at Ullandhaug in Stavanger is being planned, but who gets the contract for building stage 1 when the 100,000 square meter building is to be erected is still not decided.The project organization is now closing and meeting the oil industry during the Stavanger Energy Conference next week, hoping to find well-qualified contractors from the oil industry.


– We hope the industry sees a good opportunity to use its knowledge as providers of the various deliveries to the hospital, says project director for phase 1, Kari Gro Johanson in a press release.

The best conditions

– In a hospital there are enourmous amounts of technical installations, pipelines, ventures and the like that the oil industry should have the best pre-requisites to compete for, says Johanson in the press release.

If any of the companies in the oil industry seize the opportunity to try out other areas than offshore, it remains to be seen. But some of them might find the courtship interesting, says Roxel’s boss, Dag Øyvind Meling.

Turned to other industries

Originally, the idea was that the company, which supplies electronics and automation services, would mainly target the oil industry – offshore and on land. Instead, they have experienced great success in moving from oil to other markets, and currently only have 10 percent of revenues related to oil.

– We can see relationships between what we have done offshore, such as handling systems and logistics, and that this can be used onshore. Among other things, it will be built hospitals for NOK 90 billion in the next few years. No one has taken a leading role in this. We who come from this region have unique opportunities to deliver goods, services and not least, project management, Meling said when he visited the Sysla Oilcast podcast in March this year.

Several oil service companies are looking around

Roxel has been awarded a contract in connection with the construction of the Ryfast connection tunnel project. Others who have also have started looking at road building is Aibel.

In March this year, the oil service company put a bid in for upgrading the European route 6. It did not end with any contract – this time around.

But communications director at Aibel, Bjørg Sandal, does not conceal that Aibel is looking for projects outside of the oil business:

– Some of the reasons are found in the market situation. There will be major investments within road building, and there is a large market out there making the arera one of the many we are looking at, without telling what other sectors we are working on, she has previously stated to Sysla Offshore.


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