Hospital strike will be extended for Friday


Further 185 doctors and psychologists be removed when the hospital strike escalates on Friday.

Altogether twelve hospitals will be affected. The strike has lasted for almost half a week.
– We are stepping up the strike to put increased pressure on the employer.

It is only negotiations can resolve this conflict, says chief negotiator from employee organization Akademikerne health, Rune Frøyland.

The controversy is about how doctors’ working hours should be planned. Practice has been that doctors covered collectively, revolving work plans.

But in the current agreement between the employer organization Spekter and the Norwegian Medical Association, they are not “rolling work plan”, wrote Dagens Medicine.

Association wanted to tariff the right to collective agreements, which Spekter has rejected. Employers believes there is a need for more flexibility in doctors’ working hours and it should be planned, including through individual shifts.

The strike began on Wednesday September 7th. Under the rules it is compulsory arbitration when a strike has lasted 30 days.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today