Households hold back

Power line electricityPower line. Photo Norway Today Media

Household consumption of goods fell by 0.3 per cent in March 2016, according to seasonally-adjusted figures. Much of the decrease was caused by a drop in consumption of electricity and heating fuels.

The consumption of electricity and heating fuels fell by 3.3 per cent and contributed to pulling down the consumption of goods by more than 0.2 percentage points. There was also a decrease in the consumption of food and beverages.

The consumption of other goods, including clothes and shoes, increased by 0.3 per cent. There was no change in purchases of vehicles and petrol from February to March, since the increase in car purchases was offset by a decrease in the consumption of petrol.

Without adjusting for calendar effects and seasonality, household consumption of goods was 5.3 per cent higher in March 2016 than in the same month the year before.


Source: SSB / Norway Today