Huawei could be banned from Norwegian 5G development

5GOslo.Photo: Per Løchen / NTB scanpix

Minister of Justice, Tor Mikkel Wara of Fremskrittsparti (FRP), confirmed that Norway is considering measures that could keep Huawei outside of the development of the next-generation mobile network in Norway.

“Norway shares the United States and Britain’s concerns that private and state factions in Norway are exposed to espionage” said Wara to the news agency, Reuters.

He said Norway is considering joining other Western countries in denying Chinese Huawei building infrastructure for the 5G network, the next generation of mobile networks. Both Telenor and Telia use equipment from Huawei in the 4G network and also tested 5G equipment from the Chinese IT giant.

Already before Christmas, E24 newspaper wrote that the Ministry of Transport and Communications are considering introducing measures that “help to reduce the vulnerability of Norwegian ecomnet networks”.

‘’We see that the electronic networks depend on a few suppliers, and that a high proportion of the base station equipment in particular is supplied by equipment suppliers from Norway’’ said Harald T. Nesvik (Frp)

There are three suppliers of such ecomnet networks: Swedish Ericsson, Finnish Nokia and Huawei. The latter is the only one that operates outside of Norway’s security policy sphere.

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