Hundreds of thousands can be entitled to free screen glare glasses


The Norwegian Opticians Association believes many people do not know about this new right.


If you use a screen a lot at work, you have the right to check if you need ‘data glasses’  from your employer.

 Last year, a  cashier and 370,000 colleagues in the retail trade received this right after a case  led the Norwegian Labor Inspectorate to change its advice.


Previously, only those working at a so-called datascreen workplace, that is in an office where you are primarily in front of a computer screen, were entitled to ‘data glasses’ provided by the employer.


Now there are many more who have this right, “says General Secretary Hans Thorvald Haugo of the Norwegian Opticians Association.


Many professions
– Now you also have rights if you are in a workplace where you use a computer screen of a certain size. This may be a till in a store, a machine that is used for production in industry or if you are on the assembly line at the Post and track packages, “says Haugo.


In connection with the case where a cashier won, they estimated that there are around 370,000 more workers than previously thought who are now entitled to check if they need protective glasses, he says.


– We only talk about those who are at a till in a shop. If we look at industry and other types of jobs, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of people in Norway who may be entitled to a data glare glasses, “says Haugo.


Tired  eyes
Haugo believes many people need screen glare glasses and encourage people to check.
There are several criteria that must be fulfilled in order to claim such glasses from your workplace, according to the Norwegian Work Inspection Authority.

In a grocery store in Drammen, Anne Irene Olchava is in full swing behind the till. Even though she meets the customers with a smile behind her reading glasses, she feels it in her body after a day behind the till.


– I notice that I get tired eyes. When I go home I get very dry  eyes, she says.


Olchava feels it is good that she has the right to ask for protection glasses and will have her eyes checked well the next time she is at the optician.


“It’s really important for your eyes that you have a good day at work.


Source: NRK / Norway Today