Hydro Computers affected for months

hydro ransomware virusThe facade of Hydro's Corporate head office in Oslo, Norway. Photo: Hydro

Still months before everything is back to normal for the computer systems of Hydro

The data attack on Hydro may have taken place for several weeks before it was discovered. The company’s IT manager believes it will take months for the computer system to function normally again.

“We assume that they have been in the system two to three weeks before they were discovered,” says IT manager Joe De Vliegher of Hydro to NRK.

This time, the attackers have used the time to facilitate the virus. The industrial company discovered the data attack between 18 and 19 March. This meant that cables were physically pulled out to stop the attack. The attackers had used a so-called ransom virus, called LockerGoga, which makes all content on the computer unavailable.

NRK writes that Hydro has found several variants of the virus in connection with the clean-up. They have control over the core systems of the company and the attack itself, but it is still long before everything is as normal.

“It is time-consuming to build up new security system. It will take several months before everything is back to normal,” says the IT manager.

Due to the attack, many production plants have been put on manual operation, but in some area production has stopped. Hydro’s first-quarter earnings will be announced on June 5. The result should have been available from 30 April.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today
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