Hydro has paid 760 million after spill at the Alunorte plant

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

The spill at Hydro’s plant in Brazil has cost the company around NOK 760 million, according to preliminary accounts from the Brazilian authorities.

The costs are direct expenses as a result of agreements the company has entered into with the prosecuting authority in the country, and do not include production losses and other financial consequences, writes E24.

The amount of NOK 760 million has, among other things, been used for support with food, water, guarantees and fines, according to authorities.

The payments have been made without Hydro having pleaded guilty to environmentally harmful emissions, the newspaper writes.

It was after a heavy rainfall at the end of February 2018 that there were allegations of discharge of unclean water from Hydro’s sludge landfill at the Alunorte plant in Brazil.

The company’s raw material production had to run at half capacity for a long time, and the latest sludge landfill could not be completed and put into use as planned. In 2018 alone, the production slowdown in Brazil cost the company almost NOK 3 billion.

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