IKEA most popular with Norwegian women


IKEA is the brand that Norwegian women have the best impression of. Rema 1000 has the strongest progress in popularity according to a survey by YouGov.

59.3% of respondents like the Swedish furniture
store,IKEA, showed YouGov’s brand index for 2018. The analysis company mapped which brands are most popular among Norwegian women.Kiwi came second in the survey.

57.7% of Norwegian women have a good impression of the grocery chain.

Vipps is also popular. 57.2 % are positive to the app.

In 2017, Finn.no was most popular with Norwegian
women,but ended up in 2018 in fourth place.

Otherwise, the list is almost the same as in 2017, but Q-Meieriene had entered the top ten at the expense of Wasa.

Among the brands with the most progress in
popularity,Rema 1000 came out on top with 45.3%,
up 13.7% from 2017.

Power came second in this category. 22.5 % said they like the electronics chain, which is an increase of 8.7% from the previous year. Norwegian airlines came third,with an increase of 8.1%. 41.9% are positive to the airline.

The measurement for 2018 applied for the period from the 1st of February 2018 to the 31st of January 2019.