In September, Norway registered the lowest number of cash benefits recipients ever

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A total of 9,000 people received cash benefits in September. That is 3,000 fewer than ten years ago and the lowest number ever.

Many children got a kindergarten place after August, so September was the month of the year with the lowest number of cash benefit recipients. 

Compared with the same month last year, there are 10% fewer recipients this year, which is 25% fewer than ten years ago.

“The decline we are now seeing is also due to lower birth rates. In addition, exports of cash benefits have declined, which may be due to the fact that due to the corona pandemic, there have been fewer working immigrants in Norway,” NAV head of statistics Ulf Andersen stated.

While the number of children of cash benefit support age has fallen by 1,400 since September last year, the proportion of children with paid cash benefits has decreased from 19.9 to 18.3%.

There are large regional differences, and in September this year, Agder (24.1%) had almost twice as large a share of cash benefit recipients as Nordland (12.7%). 


The cash benefit scheme was introduced on August 1, 1998. It was introduced to increase the quality of care of children who could not attend daycare due to over-demand.

In its current form, it is a cash benefit, paid in arrears, given to parent/s of children who do not attend full-time daycare with a state subsidy.

One can receive cash benefits when the child is between the ages of 13 – 23 months old, for a total of 11 months. Currently, the maximum amount is NOK 7.500,- / month.

Most importantly, both caregivers of the child must be members of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme for, at least, 5 years.

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