Increase in Norwegians hiring home cleaning services

Optimal hverdagshjelpPhoto:Optimal hverdagshjelp

More and more people hire help to clean their homes. A cleaning agency in Elverum doubled the number of jobs last year.


They move from house to house and clean. The company Optimal Hverdagshjelp in Elverum started in 2011 with 3 employees;now they have 15.
‘It’s just bounced upward, the jobs have increased on average by 35% each year. In the past year, it’s completely taken off’,said general manager, Charmaine Kruse.

‘Other contracts increased by 45% in the past year. The whole market has exploded, because people prioritise differently than they did before’, said Kruse.

Increase in types of services for the home

‘Norwegian’s purchase of services in the home have increased significantly over a short period of time’, said researcher, Annechen Bahr Bugge, at the Norwegian Institute for Consumer Research.

Two years ago, 11% of Norwegian households had paid for cleaning help. And the trend continues, show new figures.

‘It’s those with the highest income that use this type of service to its fullest extent. We will probably see an increase in the years to come, if Norwegians maintain such a good economy,’ said Bugge.

High labor standards

Only this summer, the number of contracts increased so much that Charmaine Kruse employed two more people in the company.

‘We are on a desperate search for people,’ she said. It is not always easy to find workers who want this type of job.

In Kruse’s business, almost all employees are foreign, coming from a total of six different countries. There aren’t so many Norwegians who want to work in this profession.

In her experience, foreign workers have high working standards.

‘They get to work even if they are tired and running down’, said the daily leader in Optimal Hverdagshjelp.


Source: NRK / Norway Today