Increased minimum pension for single people from September

pensioner pension indexRetired and enjoying the life. Photo: Norway Today Media

Single people on the minimum pension now receive an extra NOK 4,000 in annual pension, and will get the money for the first time on Friday. But many miss the increase.

FrP (Progress Party) leader and finance minister Siv Jensen points out that this year’s pension increase is in addition to the above-mentioned extra NOK 4,000 for single pensioners, and on top of an additional NOK 4,000 in pension in 2016, and a further NOK 4,000 in 2017.

“That means a total of NOK 12,000 extra on an annual basis, or NOK 1,000 extra per month. It’s a boost that Frp is proud to have been involved in,” Jensen tells NTB.

But for some, this year’s increase of NOK 333 per month will not be particularly noticeable. If you have a public occupational pension, this will be reduced as the minimum pension from the National Insurance increases, according to the Pension Association (Pensjonistforbund).

“In the worst case scenario, they risk reducing the occupational pension by exactly the same amount as the increase to the minimum pension from the National Insurance scheme,” according to the association.

There are around 65,000 single minimum pensioners in Norway today. Around 15,000 people do not receive the entire increase due to coordination with public sector pensions, according to the association.

The minimum pension level for single persons increased from NOK 198,818 to NOK 202,818 with effect from 1st September.

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